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Based on The Merged Gospels – Harmonized Edition, this audio book gives you the complete story of Jesus in chronological order. It is a very literal translation of all four Gospels, merged together into a flowing, narrative, but with all of the duplicated content removed.  (Get samples below.)

Read by its author and translator, Gary Crossland, The Merged Gospels Audio Book gives you a greater understanding of the life of Jesus. By listening to the Gospels in merged format, you will be able to simply and completely follow the footsteps of Christ through every event in His life.

Like our book, you can order the audio book for any amount that at least covers our net cost for production and shipping (which is $14.20).  You name the price!

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Scholars are calling The Merged Gospels “a masterpiece", “powerful and unique”, and “a major work”!

The project took 7 years, including 7 trips to Israel, where we literally retraced the steps of Jesus through all 94 geographic sites referred to in the Gospels - a huge undertaking!

Unlike typical Gospel harmonies, which only compare blocks of texts between the Gospels, The Merged Gospels breaks all four Gospels down WORD-BY-WORD. It is the first book in history to literally translate the Gospels from the Greek language, separating them into four columns with Greek transliterations, merging all of them together into one flowing, chronological narrative, and extracting only the duplicated content. Not one word of Scripture has been removed, and all major differences between the Gospels have been highlighted.  (3rd Edition, 363 pages, 2007)


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Watch how we wrote The Merged Gospels

The Merged Gospels is the official Gospel text of the The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, AR

The Merged Gospels is not meant to replace the Gospels, and this is why we give you all four Gospels INTACT and merged.

There are seven benefits to reading the Merged Gospels:

1.  It makes the life of Jesus much easier to understand. 

2.  It totally eliminates “so-called” contradictions between the Gospels.

3.  It takes less time to read The Merged Gospels than it takes to read all four Gospels, because all duplicated content has been removed.

4.  You will be able to easily compare all four Gospels, because every word and phrase is presented alongside the parallel text from the other Gospels. This will save you a lot of time.

5.  Every Old Testament verse that is quoted in the Gospels is included next to its New Testament rendering, so you can make comparisons. 

6.  The Merged Gospels is a very literal translation of the Greek text. Smoothing has been sparingly applied for modern readers.

7.  All throughout we highlight the major Greek variants between the Gospels.

Now you can order the printed book for any amount that at least covers our net printing and shipping cost (which is about $20.00).  You name the price!  The eBook can be ordered for at least $10.00.